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Paradigm Fresh sources onions, potatoes, and tomatoes and other hot house commodities year round.

Because we’re in the business year round, we’re connected to the markets at all times. Some brokers specialize in working with growing regions, and they’re in and then they’re out. Done. We’re in and we stay in, working with regions throughout the U.S. and into Mexico and Canada all year. That means when you buy through Paradigm Fresh, you work with the same person every day to get the right produce quantity and quality in the type of packaging you need.

Our sister company, Paradigm Fresh Logistics, runs trucks exclusively for us, plus we have long-term relationships with more than 500 carriers to ensure you receive the best prices on freight and delivery. Our drivers are responsible and we hold them accountable to maintain communications with us regarding their location and status. That means your product will arrive when you are told it will arrive, or you will be alerted in advance. In addition, to ensure you are protected, we can provide up-to-date food safety audits, packing house audits, and insurance policies.


Paradigm Fresh offers a fresh approach to brokering — a new paradigm in the produce industry. From the fresh produce we deliver to our fresh ideas about doing business, we provide attention to detail in every layer of every transaction.

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Contact us if you’re interested in learning more about purchasing produce through Paradigm Fresh.