Customer Testimonials

Customer Testimonials

“Our family has been farming for 99 years and we attribute that largely to working with the best in the industry. Our partnership with Paradigm Fresh is integral to our onion business. The professionals at Paradigm Fresh are attuned to what can be a highly volatile market and we rely on them to move our product in accordance with our production and market conditions. We think of John Harris and the staff at Paradigm Fresh as not only colleagues, but friends.”

Dave & Kate Petrocco
Petrocco Farms
Brighton, CO

“Our company has worked with John Harris for several seasons now, mostly during summer onion season. All our communication has been straightforward and honest. We rely on John to supply our onions to good customers that will stick with us every year, and that has happened. We have always been paid timely and any problems that have occurred have been resolved fairly and quickly.”

Steve Smith
National Onion
Las Cruses, NM


Paradigm Fresh offers a fresh approach to brokering — a new paradigm in the produce industry. From the fresh produce we deliver to our fresh ideas about doing business, we provide attention to detail in every layer of every transaction.


“I’ve worked with John Harris for over 10 years. Year round he has provided us with consistent and reliable quality,competitive pricing, as well as handling all our transportation needs on the product he sources for us. John has confirmed to us over the years that should any problems arise, that he will stand by us and will help us resolve any issues at hand.”

Aris Pappas
Pete Pappas & Sons
Jessup, MD

“I’ve been working with John Harris for over 10 years in the produce business. One thing you can count on is John working as hard for the growers he buys from as he works on providing his customers with their produce needs. His professionalism and work ethic are second to none and I am looking forward to the next 10 years to continue of grow our business and professional relationships.”

Matt Giddeon
Keystone Fruit Marketing
Southwest Office

“I have been working with John Harris for over 5 years and have found him to be one of the most honest people in the produce industry. He is a man of his word and always treats my trucks right. I have been brokering trucks for over 21 years and am happy to have him as one of my best clients!”

Chris Haun
Idaho Manager
Continental Truck Brokers, Inc.

“The core values of Paradigm Fresh, Inc make them the #1 Produce Brokering Company in the industry. Paradigm is strategically aligned with growers, and has partnerships with transportation companies giving them the ability to offer their customers a 5 star experience. Based on my experiences with John Harris and the companies he has run over the past 12 years I would highly recommend them for their exceptional service and knowledge of the industry.”

Gary Beadles
RPE, Inc.
Bancroft, W

“I have dealt with John Harris for quite a few years now, he is not only an excellent customer, he handles his business dealings with honor, trust and integrity, I have been in transportation for over 30 years now and customers like him are the only ones I will deal with.”

Joseph Fisher
Owner of Creative Logistics North Idaho

I want to take this opportunity to introduce Travis Bain. I had the opportunity of working with him as a Senior Buyer for Safeway Stores for several years. Based on our working relationship Travis provided me with outstanding customer service as a supplier. My experience was positive in all situations. He always had great information that enabled me to be successful in my position. I always felt that he was honest and trust worthy in all our dealings. With his previous employer he took a great deal of time to ensure that we got the best quality at the best price. The Produce industry is a great place for Travis, he is passionate about produce and very knowledgeable. Because of our business relationship we have built a close and personal friendship.

Manie Lovato
Bee Sweet Citrus

I’ve been fortunate to have worked with Travis for several years. We developed our association during our customer/supplier relationship, then strengthened it during our collaboration as suppliers. Travis’ personal touch and hands on approach affords his customer base to truly have a worry free environment … cradle to grave … He knows and understands the importance of communicating potential issues and provides solutions “just in case” implementation is required. He routinely offers insights to market conditions- allowing his customer to make educated decisions on both supply and cost. Perhaps his biggest strength is his principled approach to the business. He is by far, the most ethical and trusted person I’ve been associated with during my tenure as a produce buyer.

Tim Donovan
Amerifresh, Inc.
Scottsdale, AZ