Our Mission:

Founded in 2014, Paradigm Fresh is dedicated to raising the bar in our industry at every level through our passion, pride, purpose, and commitment to being great. We strive to create value and implement solutions that inspire everyone we do business with, from our farmers and trucking partners to our loyal customers.

At Paradigm Fresh, we feel obliged to better the lives of our partners, our customers, our team members, and our communities, giving back to those who have helped to make our business successful. Our promise and commitment to each of you is that we will inspire each other to discover a better way of doing business each and every day.

Our Core Values:

Courage: We have the courage to stand up and believe in ourselves and to have the integrity to take the road less traveled when necessary. It is never the wrong time to do the right thing.

Respect: We respect our partnerships with our growers, truckers, and clients. Without them, we would not exist.

Excellence: Our excellence is the result of our passion to care deeply, our diligence to challenge conventional wisdom, our ability to think outside of the box, and our full commitment to results. We expect to succeed, but we are not afraid to fail.

Problem Solving: We do not make excuses and we do not take shortcuts. We will go above and beyond what is necessary to develop solutions in order to build a fierce loyalty to our brand.

Commitment to Being the Tip of the Sword: “Everybody wants to be a Beast until it’s time to do what Beasts do.” – Eric Thomas. We will inspire our competition to rise up or we will crush them. We will always strive to be the standard by which all standards are set in our industry. We will allow nothing less than this standard to be tolerated inside our organization.

Passion: Without passion for what we do, we are unable to pursue excellence, to be courageous when necessary, or to effectively create solutions. It is impossible to respect or be respected in this organization without possessing a passion for what we do and who we strive to be.

Life is Good: We expect to work in an environment free of negativity. Our goal is to worry less and smile more, as time spent being unhappy is wasted.